Ray Smith Painting Custom Residential New Construction
This is an area where we are refined and have a sense of being choreographed.
We understand the progression of a new construction job and how the general flow tends to go.
From windows being delivered and needing to be primed prior to insulation to the final punch list of completion. We know how to adapt and continue to keep the project moving without any sacrifice in quality or production at any point.


  • Priming of all gypsum wall board
  • Complete priming of all molding material front and back
  • Priming of all doors and window at time of delivery
  • Priming of all mdf or other material delivered to site for carpenters
  • Masking of all glass on doors and windows
  • Priming of all painted cabinetry
  • Complete preparation of all surfaces interior & exterior
  • All holes filled, sanded, filled again, sanded and primed prior to painting
  • All seams filled with caulking
  • Oil based primer used on wood with potential stain problems
  • Color samples provided
  • Stain samples provided
  • Lacquering
  • Bleaching
  • 2 part epoxy primer on steel
  • Oil based red oxide primer on other metals
  • Concrete epoxy coating
  • HVAC grills, light trims, switch plates
  • Distressing
  • Glaze/stain work
  • Faux finishes
  • And more

Some of your recent projects:

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